YouTube Adsense Earning

If you want to make money from YouTube AdSense, You need to know how you can do it. Yes, you can earn money from your YouTube channel with the Google AdSense. You will find a lot of ways to earn money from your YouTube channel. But to make money from it, you need working hard and have the ability to create unique videos. In this article, I am going to show you some tips to earn from YouTube AdSense earning.

What is YouTube AdSense

You may hear it from your YouTuber friends or any news that how much a person can earn from a popular YouTube video. It is not that way in which you just simply upload a video and it will help you to earn money. Even, if your video gets the view, you will not get money for it. To earn from YouTube, you need to create an AdSense account. However, to produce your YouTube AdSense earning, you need two accounts to be eligible YouTube AdSense money.

How to get approve YouTube AdSense accountYouTube Adsense

To get an approved YouTube account from Google AdSense, you need to follow some steps. Let’s see them.

Step 1: At first, you should enable YouTube account so that you can monetize it.

Step 2: To create an AdSense account to connect it to your YouTube account, you need to fill a form. If Google approves this request, you will get a host account option on your homepage of AdSense account.

However, it is a simple process. When you have an AdSense account, see all format types and enable them all. But if you have a non-hosted site and want to show ads there, you need another form to fill.

How does Google AdSense work with your YouTube?

When a viewer clicks on the ad of your YouTube channel or a video you posted on your channel, you will get paid an exact amount. Besides, advertisers bid for Ad space on a video that you provide in the monetized account. However, your highest bidder will get the banner ad on your videos. When a viewer clicks on the ad, the company will share you the charged money.

How much amount do you make with YouTube Google AdSense?

There are two types of ad to earn money from Google AdSense from YouTube. They are CPC means Cost Per Click and CPV means Cost Per View. CPC is this type of ad when an adviser pays you based on the clicks. If a keyword has the CPC of $4 and a viewer click on this ad, it will charge the adviser $4. This type of ad pops up on the right side of the channel or in the lower part of the video. On the other, hand CPV is paid by the adviser based on the views.

Things that might avoid

You should avoid a few things during monetizing your channel with Google Adsense. First thing is that, do not click on the own ads. It can make your YouTube channel banned. Second thing is that never ask your viewers to click on any ads because it is out of the terms.

Finally, we can say that anyone can earn money with YouTube AdSense. It is not so hard. If you are able to make better videos and increase your viewers, you will get money. So, you can try it if you are interested.

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