Make money with pay per click affiliate network

You can easily start your online earning by Pay Per Click affiliate network. There are many PPC affiliate program for the bloggers to earn extra money. However, traffic is the important part to make money with PPC affiliate. If you have better traffic, you can start your PPC affiliate program. In this article, I am going to discuss some ways to make money with PPC affiliate program.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?pay per click

Do you know what is Pay Per Click actually? It means that when anybody clicks every time, he will earn money. Some online advertisers pay an amount every time to click their ads. It is a trick to make visitors to their sites. However, advertising search engine is the popular PPC form. So, we see that when some companies of affiliate programs pay some to increase traffic. It calls Pay Per Click affiliate program. Advertisers become happy to pay for PPC because it increases their sales and visit.

Some PPC network sites

Let’s see some best PPC network sites from where you can earn money.


It is one of the best PPC network sites for the bloggers. As a PPC site, it converts the keywords of a blog into the external links. If anyone clicks this link, you will get paid.


It is a famous PPC site. They offer banner, Pop-up, and many other techniques. However, they pay from .02 to $10 according to your total earning points.

Google AdSense PPC Program

Google AdSense is the best way for the blogger to earn more through PPC affiliate marketing. In the past, getting an account in Google AdSense was really easy. But nowadays, Google brings more restrictions to get the account approved. However, with an approved account, you can easily earn by Pay Per Click affiliate program of Google. It will pay $48 for every 1000 visitors.

AdcMedia PPC Affiliate Program

It is another PPC affiliate program. It provides PPC affiliate to the bloggers and gives instant pay.

It is the network that makes the ads appear on the websites containing contents, toolbar, interstitials, email, etc. It is a better PPC network sites.

Google Adword

It is the largest Pay Per Click network. In this network, your ads will display on the right sides of Google search page.

In Pay Per Click affiliate, you will only get money when visitors click the ads or banner on your website. However, you can earn a good amount with this PPC affiliate programs from some affiliate networks. A high traffic website is better for this business. Above i just told about some PPC site but there are many kind of PPC site such as…RevenueHits,InfoLinks Ads,Clicksor Ads,SuperLinks, Ads,Affinity Ads,AdHitz, etc.

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