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The most popular way to make money at home is Craigslist Ad Posting Work.In the Meanwhile we know most of the freelancer is making money by Craigslist ad posting work. Also lot’s of new freelancer want to make money from Craigslist site. But they don’t know how to do ad posting work on Craigslist site. We are trying to help them who don’t know ads posting work. Let’s begin discuss regarding ads posting work.

Ways of making money from Craigslist ad posting work?

Freelancer can make money by some different types of ways such as per live ads basis,pay per leads basis & hourly ad posting basis etc.

What is live ad & how much will you paid for each live ad ?craigslist ad posting work

What is live ad ? First of all you should know which ad is (live ad). Before making money on Craigslist site on live ad basis. When you post an ad on Craigslist site.They will give you a Url/link to recognize your ad on Craigslist. You should keep save the link to check your ad goes live or flagged. After that it will take maximum Two hours to get live.If the ad still active and existing in the city list of the ad will count as a  live ad on the other hand it will flagged ad. if you agree to work any client to live ad basis work. Remember he/she will pay you only for live ads.That’s means get paid for live ads otherwise not.

What would be rate for each live ad ? There are many category to post ad on Craigslist site. The rate of per live ads depend on category. but we can give you idea about each live ad rate some of category.May be each live ad rate start from $0.5 to $5.But it’s depend on category of ad.

Idea Of Each Live Ad Rate On Category Basis:

Dear new Craigslist ad poster !Please follow the Rate of each live ad different of category.Because it will help you to get actual ad price from your client or buyer on any market place.

***Service to any subcategory***: Start from $0.5 Up to $1 each live ad.

***Gigs to any subcategory***: Start from $0.5 up to $1 each live ad.

**For sale to General,business,clothing Etc**: start from  $0.6 up to $1 each live ad. Housing to any sub category same as for sale to general category.

**For sale to health & beauty category**: Start from  $1.5 up to $3 each live ad.

***Community to pets category**: Start from $2-$5 each live ad depend on client.

However above we have just given you idea about rate of each live ad for Craigslist ad positing will increase or decrease. Because it is depend on client and category.













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